Weiner deserving of more than obscene hecklers

16 Jun

I hate to cover this issue just because of how much it has been in the news. But this headline caught me off guard only because it seems so unnecessary.

Now former congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has been plastered all over major news headlines as well as tabloids for several weeks after he admitted to sending lewd photos via Twitter. Today, he submitted his resignation at a press conference.

“I’m here again today to apologize for the mistakes I have made and the embarrassment I have caused. Today I am announcing my resignation from Congress.”  — Anthony Weiner

His career has been ruined. His personal life is bound to suffer in some regard from the level of publicity that his faux pas has elicited. He has answered calls to resigned with his resignation even though he originally said he did not have plans to resign.

During the press conference, Weiner was heckled. He was called a pervert. Now, that is up to the individual to decide. But the heckling made Weiner’s resignation speech difficult to hear.

The hecklers may believe that Weiner deserves all of the verbal banter that they can throw, but I have to disagree.

He does not deserve to be heckled when he does what society at large has decided is “the right thing to do.” It is difficult to admit that you have done something wrong as an average person let alone as an individual of influence.

What Weiner did to get the press riled up is not an admirable thing. As a human though, he deserves to be heard and not heckled. He deserves to set his peace with the public. He deserves the chance to fall out of the public eye if that is what he wants to do. He deserves to move on.



So it begins…

14 Jun

This begins a new attempt at blogging on my part.

The goal of this blog is to provide some insightful discussion about world political issues. I hope that this blog will grow to be an aggregate source for political news and discussion. I plan to link the stories and sources from which I gather information and that I decide to discuss for a given post.

I hope to put a local spin on more national issues. I say local in general terms as I define local for this blog as being wherever I find myself at that moment.

I chose the title Of Plays and Politics because I do believe that a large part of “politics” especially as defined in the average American’s mind is a bunch of men and women (mostly men) putting on a show for the television cameras and the reporters that flock to hear their every cry.

I have high aspirations for this little project. The world wide web community will be my audience. It is going to be quite the journey for you all and for me.

—Pleased to meet you all.